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To prepare your quilt top

What size should my backing be?

Please add 8" to your quilt top length and 8" to the width. I require that the backing is 4" larger on all sides. For example: if you have a quilt that is 50" x 60", your backing should measure at least 58" x 68". If you seam together 44" width fabric, please use a 1/2" seam allowance to add extra strength and stability to your backing. If your backing is directional, please clearly mark it with a note safety pinned to the top left corner.

Tidy up your quilt top and backing.

Please press your top and backing so that it's nice and smooth, the seams are flat, and it's ready for me to load onto the longarm. Take some time to clip stray threads and raveling fabrics. It's important for you to trim the loose ends so that dark threads do shadow through the quilt top.

Quilting Choice and Thread

These choices should be a fun part of the process! If you already know what you want, that's great. If not, let's talk about it together. I can make suggestions of some design choices that will work well on your quilt top. If you want to take your hands off the wheel and give me complete creative freedom, I'm happy to make those decisions for you.

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